Million Dollars Selfies

by Pakistani Artist Photographer Assam altaf

why i called these selfies as a million dollar pictures, because these are beautiful memories that i have created with my struggle and hardships. For you its really easy to watch in one go but for me these moments has complete stories behind.


this is totally different world its take some time to adjust but you will adjust by passage of time. For me all humans are same category no one is superior than anyone. everyone has potential to achieve all goals of their aims.


Loving your work is really important in any field. I worked with low / middle / high class people. and i learnt a lot from them. Everyone have different work of though, point of views.

Beautiful Memories

Nothing is forever, but yes memories always stays forever. i suggest everyone to live this life like you never live before. make your life special in every stage. either you are in university or in professional life.