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Gilgit Baltistan Tourist Guide Map

Gilgit Baltistan always has a place in my heart because I have started my life’s first journey from Astore Valley in Gilgit Baltistan in 2011. This place made me fall in love with travelling . Gilgit Baltistan is full of hospitality, nature and rich culture. At that time, I did not think that I would make a map of this place after 10 years. G.B map is a bit different from my other guide maps. It’s more detailed and more realistic so people can easily get the guidance from this tourist guide map as we have communication, signal and internet issues in our northern areas of Pakistan. I hope this map is going to help many domestic and international tourists/travellers. Hardcopy of map will be available soon. Drop your message at

Gilgit Baltistan Tourist Guide Map Norhtern area of pakistan
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01- Serena Khaplu Palace

02- Masherbrum

03- K-2

04- Kharpocho Fort

05- Manthal Rock

06- Lamsa

07- Katpana Desert

08- Hussainabad Waterfall Skardu

09- Manthoka Waterfall

10- Deosai Top

11- Deosai Plains

12- Deosai National Park

13- Domel

14- Burzil Pass

15- Nanga Parbat

16- Fairy Meadows

17- Khunjerab Pass

18- Passu Cones Viewpoint

19- Hussaini Suspension Bridge

20- Baltit Fort

21- Altit Fort

22- Eagle Nest View Point

23- Rakaposhi View Point

24- Twin Gilgit Bridge

25- Kargah Buddha, Yshani

26- Shandur National Park


01- Hushe River Valley

02- Saling Valley

03- Bagrot Valley

04- Minimarg Valley

05- Astore Valley

06- Tarishing Valley

07- Parishing Gah Valley

08- Basho Valley

09- Bilamik Valley

10- Shimshal Valley

11- Hunza Valley

12- Hopar Valley

13- Naltar Valley

14- Ishkoman Valley

15- Phander Valley


01- Jarba Zhou Lake

02- Sadpara Lake

03- Sheosar Lake

04- Rainbow Lake

05- Dirle Lake

06- Rama Lake

07- Allah Wali Lake

08- Upper Kachura Lake

09- Lower Kachura Lake

10- Attabad Lake

11- Rush Lake

12- Kacheli Lake

13- Karambar Lake

14- Khalti Lake

15- Baha Chhat Lake

16- Kutwal Lake

17- Kharfak Lake