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I am Assam Artist and I have designed the first tourist attractions map of Pakistan. I have travelled the world and I know the key factors that grab the attention of the local and international tourists to our country.

Every country has its own identity and we should highlight the essence of our Pakistan. Now a days, digital and social media are common platforms and a large group of people share their thoughts on these platforms. Their thoughts are conveyed to the audience by composing and writing. What else can be unique if we have our on font to show the impression of Pakistan to the wolrd.

I have created Pakistan font for my people which is an ideal combination of Urdu, Arabic and English calligraphy. The edges and curves of the font is inspired from Urdu  and Arabic style. Each character is solely and exclusively designed by me. This is a sans-serif typeface. It took almost a year to make the English version of the font. It can be used in four different styles that are light, regular, medium and bold. Pakistan font is available in uppercase, lowercase, numeric and special characters. It has an English version which took almost a year to be created. It has an Urdu version which will be coming soon.

Pakistan font can play vital role in officIal letters, social medias, literature, tourism promotions and publicities etc.

The logo of Pakistan font is derived from the fourteen points of Quaid e Azam. Each line on the map represents a point of our founder that safeguards the rights of religion, politics, minorities and majorities of our country.

I hope you will appreciate the tribute I have paid on 74th birthday of Pakistan.

Happy Independence Day and Long Live Pakistan.

Pakistan Font
Pakistan Font

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