Project Description

Currency Symbol of

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

8 Countries in the world share the same currency, Rupees including Pakistan. 2 out of 8 have their symbols. Therefore, taking this into consideration, I am going to propose a symbol for Pakistani Rupees which will have its own identity internationally. The symbol which I made comprises of our beautifully blended traditions intertwined with our rich culture, history, heritage and overwhelming feelings of patriotism and love. I believe this is going to change our impression and would outcast itself to the world. This is my contribution for my beloved country, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

— Assam Artist —

pakistan rupee symbol
pakistan rupee symbol
Pakistan Rupee Symbol Sign
Pakistan Rupee Symbol Sign
Pakistan Rupee Symbol Sign
pakistan rupee symbol sign on keyboard
Pakistan Rupee Symbol Sign
Pakistan Rupee Symbol SIgn
Pakistan rupee Symbol Sign
Rupee Symbol SIgn
Pakistan Rupee Symbol SIgn
Pakistan Rupee Symbol SIgn
Pakistan Rupee Symbol Sign


Star And Crescent are the symbols of Pakistan and part of the Pakistani Flag.It represents Muslim Community. This symbol has also been used in Pakistan’s first ever released paper currency. I have merged the edges, curves and lines of the crescent and star. I also took inspiration from gender and culture equality signs which show that we are multi-cultural people of a nation with equal rights.

The design of the symbol of Pakistan Rupee is derived from the combination of different letters and languages like “P” for Pakistan, “Rs” stand for Rupees. I also used two alphabets from National lanugage Urdu, “ ر ” from Rupiya, “ ا ” (Alif) Initial of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. Its presented as latin with a mixture of Urdu Qalam ( Reed Pen ) Calligraphy.


The Pakistan Rupee symbol is designed in respect of other existing currency symbols of the world. It shows the uniformaity among all the currencies but it has its own uniqueness and value. It standouts in unison with other symbols. This effort signifies a clear position and association of the symbol with currency across the globe.

Symbol Construction

The symbol is very simple in design.

Size & Clarity

The symbol works very well with smaller sizes. It does not affact the legibility of symbol.

Color & Clarity

The symbol works very well with inverse color and stroke. It does not affect the legibility of symbol.

As we have seen that the symbol can be easily reproduced using various mediums. It can be applied or printed on any surface without losing its visual form. It is highly legible even at smaller sizes.



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