Project Description

Pakistan Tourist Places Ticket Designs Rebranding Concept Design


This is not just an idea, it’s a complete thought process and passion to do something best for your country. I believe after my First Pakistan Tourist Attractions map, and Pakistan Rupee Symbol design, my ticket rebranding idea has a power which can change the destiny of the tourism sector in Pakistan. I wonder how people will never think about this before but it’s my luck or a blessing that I am going to present this proposal to the world. I really worked hard for this project and spent my days and nights continuously presenting my idea. Being an Artist it’s my responsibility to serve my own country with new ideas.

I need support from all my Pakistani Nationals to be part of this and share positivity over the globe to make this change happen. I welcome all tourism departments to contact me regarding my designs so we can work for the betterment of Pakistan.

Pakistan tourist places tickets rebranding
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lahore Fort ticket
Derawar Fort ticket
Khewra salt mines ticket
Taxila museum ticket and pakistan monument ticket
Shalimar Gardens Ticket
Rohtas Fort Ticket
hiran minar ticket
Pakistan museum and tourist places tickets
baltit fort ticket, mohenjo daro ticket
ziarat ticket, dharmarajika stupa ticket
Ranikot fot ticket


pakistan tourist places ticket and inspirations

I have taken this inspiration from my own ticket collection that I collected from my international travels. For me, a ticket is the most important  souvenir that you want to keep as your memories and it reminds  you that you have visited this place and you can show these tickets to your friends and family as well. Being a Graphic Designer, I tried to come up with better inspirational designs which will be updated and useful for the tourists/visitors and tourism departments.