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Punjab Pakistan Tourism Logo

Glad to Presenting my logo design for PUNJAB ( Pakistan ) Tourism – with full guideline and concept. Punjab Tourism logo is designed in two different languages so it can be use for national and international marketing promotions. It will help to boost all kind of tourism in Pakistan. 🌾 wheat symbol is very important specially for punjab it shows the major characteristics of Punjab Province in terms of Agriculture, Meaning of Punjab is Land of Five Rivers.

And if you have gone through our all punjab previous logo related to all departments they already added rivers. So i wanted to maintain the same esthetics on new design and keep our history to he continued. As everyone knows punjab is full of colors, so i try to represent all communities with colors it shows full of events and life. If anyone notice, i also added punjab geography map ok top of J and also includes in Urdu Version. Typeface is more like 🎨 paint brush which is blending to all our culture, traditions at one place. Last but not the least.

I am also suggesting the slogan / tagline for Punjab tourism which is “ Where nature blends with History “. And it has no depth but a straight fwd representing punjab. This is what Punjab about.

Punjab tourism logo guideline book
Punjab tourism Logo Guidelines
Punjab Tourism Logo Guidelines intro
Punjab tourism logo duidelines
Punjab tourism logo guidelines
Punjab Tourism Logo guidelines
punjab tourism logo guidelines
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punjab tourism logo contact

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Punjab tourism logo with transparent background
Punjab Tourism logo Urdu Pakistan
Punjab Tourism Logo transparent background
Punjab Tourism Logo Transparent background