Spit Free Pakistan

No Spitting

I am starting this campaign to enlighten the most common problem in Pakistan which is spitting. Spitting as dangerous as sneezing and coughing publicly. Spitting is also a strong medium of spreading germs. As coronavirus ( COVID-19 ) has out-break, we need to take precautionary measurements to stop people from spitting in public areas. This virus is contagious and we need to control any activity which can be a source of spreading it. There are many other contagious diseases like cold, flu, TB,  hepatitis etc which can be spread through spitting. 70-75% of our men eat PAN and spit it wherever they want. It just does not spread germs but also makes parks, markets, streets, residential areas, roads and footpaths not a pleasant sight for the eyes.


  • Government should impose fine on people who spit publicly.
  • Every type of ads should be made to support the campaign #thukomat and #saynotospitting.
  • People should educate others that this habit is not at all bearable.
  • Social media should be active in making people aware of the campaign.
  • Everyone should voluntarily take part in stopping people from this act.
  • Traffic police can also a play a vital role in controlling this situation.
  • Public transports can also be used for the campaign.

Please do share and support to make our country neat and clean


Assam Artist

no spitting in pakistan
spit free pakistan
no spitting pakistan

#SAYNOTOSPITTING #SpitFreePakistan #ThukoMat